Responsible Mining

Our diamonds are hidden in the Canadian North. This is where the journey from pristine rough crystals to perfected Canadian jewellery begins.

Precise Manufacturing

Our Canadian rough diamonds are carefully selected and sent to our manufacturing facilities to be precisely cut and polished according to Glacial Ice quality standards. Using our advanced technologies to efficiently cut the diamonds, we are able to obtain the greatest value from our rough crystals while minimizing waste.

Glacial Ice Laser Inscription

Glacial Ice diamonds are truly one of a kind. Our stones are handpicked to provide the clearest diamonds with minimal to no inclusions in each clarity segment. They are higher in colour ranging from D-I. To differentiate our stones, we laser-inscribe every diamond with a microscopic Glacial Ice inscription to symbolize our commitment to the three peak process.

Certificates of Canadian Authenticity

Our valued customers can verify their diamond’s Canadian authenticity by entering the GI number and the polished carat weight. These inscriptions can be verified below to confirm that the stone is in fact a Glacial Ice Canadian Diamond.

Verify my Diamond

Unique Designs and Hometown Settings

Our three peak process begins in the diamond mines of the Canadian North, and ends with our Canadian jewellery designers in Toronto and Montreal. Every Glacial Ice collection is designed, casted, set, and polished on Canadian soil.